Inhabited by the khmer, Cambodia long had been a land of heartbeating history, from the glory of Angkor Kingdom to the very dark story of human brutality, Cambodia has it all in one package.

In this trip, i had a quick look to the glorious inheritance of Angkor Empire, mostly at Siem Reap, a litte look at the life of khmer and a quick look back to their dark history.

It's actually not the perfect time for taking picture, the sun didn't come up everyday, dark grey cloud hanging on the sky, it's almost raining all day long, flood's everywhere.....but here i am, stunned by the triumph of the Kingdom of Wonder...Cambodia.
Faces of the GodThe Grandious TempleTemple of honourThe guard of AngkorReligious AngkorSolemnAngkor MazeOuter WallStupaBayonBayon ViewAsuraTower of the four facesTree of LifeTwin Guard of Preah KhanSaffron in the darkWorshipper at Banteay SreiThe Child, the Bull, and The TempleReliefDancing Apsara